Brazilian judokas Erika Miranda and David Moura start the year at the top of the World Ranking.

This start of the year can not be better for the Brazilian judokas Erika Miranda and David Moura both lead the world ranking of the IJF.

Erika Miranda took some years to reach the top of the 52kg category, but now she is a solid contender. With the number one position in the IJF World Ranking, the quadruple world medalist of Brazil took 2017 as its best year of competitions.

At the Olympic level, Miranda has had a ninth place in London and a defeat in the bronze medal fight in Rio. But his worldwide success began in Rio 2013 at the World Championship with a silver medal. Since then he managed to win a medal in each world championship, three bronze medals in 2014, 2015 and this year in Budapest.

During the past year he won an international event like the Grand Slam in Ekaterinburg where he beat Alesya Kuznetsova in the final. This year in Budapest he defeated Kelmendi, and took the world bronze.

After Budapest he consolidated his number one position with silver in the Grand Slam in Abu Dhabi and a bronze in the master of St. Petersburg.

For a long time, David Moura has been number two in Brazil. The heavyweight grew behind Rafael Silva, who captured two Olympic bronze medals in 2012 and 2016. Silva was the only heavyweight who finally took home the Olympic and world medals. With David Moura Brazil has another power and Moura became the number one in the world after his good performances for years and especially in 2017.

With 30 years, now is the time for Moura to give his career a final boost to the Olympic medal. Since June, it has ranked number 1 in the world ranking. Last year was a good year for David winning the Grand Slam in Ekaterinburg and the Grand Prix in Cancun and also took the silver medal in the Budapest World Championship both in singles and in the mixed team tournament. Closing in the month of December with a Bronze medal in Tokyo and a silver medal in the Master of St. Petersburg.