The new regulation of judo in 2018

The Grand Prix of Tunisia will be the first event of the year where the modifications of the IJF rules will take effect. Below is a brief explanation of some of these changes and why they are important for the development of judo in this 2018.

An immediate attack is required for unorthodox holds

These days, anything other than a lapel and sleeve grip is considered unorthodox. For example, if you have a double sleeve grip, that is considered unorthodox and you will have to attack immediately. Initially, when changes were made to the rules for 2017, there was an intention to give more  for maneuver for an unorthodox grip. Many people welcomed it because an unorthodox grip can lead to very dynamic and unusual releases.

 Waza-ari-awasatte-ippon returns as a means to win.

This will also make the judokas try to score faster to end the fight early. Currently, the waza-aris are also awarded to what used to be yukos, so it makes sense for the judokas to try to get two small scores to win the fight.

Leg grip is normal Shido.

Gone are the days when just touching the leg was automatically hansoku-make. With the new regulation the leg grip is now a normal shido infraction, so you will get hansoku-make only if you get three Shidos. This rule will benefit a lot since sometimes you have to be very careful not to even touch your legs. Now you can try more things and if you accidentally touch your opponent's leg, it's just a shido.

You can not straighten the leg during shimewaza

This rule will not affect many players. Although it is common for players to hold uke's leg or grab the pants during a shimewaza, it is not really that common for players to fully straighten uke's leg.

You can not win by Shido in Golden Score.

Well, this is not exactly true because if your opponent gets three shidos, they will get hansoku-make and you will win. That is an important change to the regulation. The judokas will have to try to make a score in the score to win. Since the Golden Score is exhausting, most judokas (probably) will want to try to score and win during regular time. Therefore, as a result you could have a reduction in the battles in the Golden Score.

Click on the following image to have complete information about the changes in the regulation: