"Segura de ti misma" project of the Ecuadorian Judo that seeks to empower women

The main purpose of this project is to combat gender violence.


The fight to eradicate violence against women, comes alive in various ways in Ecuador, including through the project '' Safe yourself '', inaugurated yesterday to empower women physically and psychologically.

Promoted by the Ministry of Sports and the Ecuadorian Judo Federation, the initiative includes the training in judo of at least 6,400 women from all over the country.

In the presentation were the sports minister, Andrea Sotomayor; Rocío González, president of the Interinstitutional Committee of the "Plan Toda Una Vida" and first lady of Ecuador; Alison Vásconez, official representative of the UN Women in Ecuador and Roberto Ibañez Sub secretary of the sport in Ecuador and multi judo medalist.

"The project Segura de ti Misma is a project against gender violence, this project is working with the Judo Federation and the ministry of sport to have instructors throughout the country, to teach judo and self defense for the fight against gender violence "explained Roberto Ibañez in relation to such an important project for the Ecuadorian judo.

"Segura de Ti Misma" supports the world initiative “Ni una Menos” and above all joins the initiative of Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno, 'A Life without Violence'.

The coaches demonstrated to the audience some defense techniques and commented on the benefits of the project, among them, the most important ones, unity in the fight against gender violence and raise the self-esteem of women through the sport.

Until the month of December, 20 teachers, who received prior instruction in methodology and psychology, will train women between 15 and 65 years old without cost.