President of the Brazilian Judo Confederation is honored with Medal of Military Sports Merit
Saturday, March 23, 2019

The president of the CBJ, Silvio Acácio Borges, received the Medal of Military Sports Merit from the Ministry of Defense in a ceremony held at the Army Physical Training Center, in Rio de Janeiro, this Friday, 22. The honor is an acknowledgment to the Confederation for the pertinent services rendered to the military sport.

"It is a great honor to receive this medal on behalf of the Brazilian Judo Confederation, we have several judokas from the Brazilian national team who are part of the Armed Forces Program for the High Performance Athletes Incorporation Program and that is a great incentive to our Last year, the CBJ was a member of the Armed Forces in the organization of the Military World Judo Championship, in Rio, and Brazil led the general medal table, "recalls Borges. "This year, we will have the Military World Games and we are working together so that judo brings more medals to Brazil."

"It is the recognition of the participation of the Armed Forces in the development of Brazilian sports, in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, of the 19 medals in Brazil, 13 were conquered by military athletes, and we successfully organized the 2011 World Military Games, In Rio, we participated well in Korea, in 2015 and we are going strong to China in October, this whole process helps to prepare our athletes for the Olympic Games in Tokyo next year, "said Minister Azevedo e Silva in an interview with the portal of the Special Secretariat of the Ministry of Sports of the Federal Government.

The Medal of Military Sports Merit is intended to grace the military of the Brazilian Armed Forces, Brazilian civilians, military police and Brazilian military firemen who have excelled in sports competitions, created by Decree No. 5.958, of November 7 of 2006, national and international, in addition to the Brazilian and foreign military and civilians, military organizations and civil institutions that have rendered relevant services to the military sport of the country or supported the Ministry of Defense in the fulfillment of their missions

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