Invitation to IJF Grand Prix Cancun 2018
Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Judo in Cancun... Beautiful beaches… Warm waters... Brilliant sun... & Great Judo — All in one same place & one same date!October 17-20 2018- Cancun, Mexico make this coming October your dream vacation of a lifetime and plan to be in Cancun, Mexico to catch the action and enjoy one of the worlds most famous beaches. 

This October 12th the world's best Judo athletes will begin their four year journey towards Tokyo Olympic Games, by competing in the International Judo Federation World Tour Grand Prix.

The organizers of the Cancun IJF Grand Prix have put together a very attractive tourist package that includes ground transportation, event VIP tickets, and accommodations in first class hotels on the famous beaches of Cancun. 

The hotels that are been offered are “all inclusive” which means that once in the hotel all of your food, drinks and entertainment are included. 

Available will also be tours to nearby ancient Maya’s Pyramids and Temples and other tourist attractions of Cancun.

Athletes of all countries and skill levels can earn maximum points. 

 This event will be pure excitement for judo fans and families alike.If Judo is your passion … in Cancun you will find the action!

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