The PJC Seminar begins for referees and coaches in Panama City
Saturday, March 02, 2019

The Tucumán hall at the Real del Aeropuerto hotel is the headquarters of the Pan American update seminar for Referee directed to coaches and referees throughout Panamerica.

The opening ceremony was attended by the President of PJC Manuel Larrañaga, José H. Rodríguez, representative of the International Judo Federation, Ovidio Garnero, PJC Referee Director, Porfirio García, Director of Education of the PJC, Gilberto García Vice President of the PJC for the Caribbean, Estela Riley President of the Union de Panama de Judo and Vice President of the PJC for North-Center and Julio Clemente International Arbitrator.

The president of the CPJ Manuel Larrañaga, thanked on behalf of the Panamerican Judo Confederation for all the effort that the Union de Panama de Judo has made for this event to be a success. "I want to thank the president Estela Riley for the work done to carry out this seminar where coaches and referees of the continent are being trained to be up to date in the regulation of competences of the International Judo Federation. It is an honor for us to be in Panama and once again many thanks to the judo of Panama and its president for welcoming us to this great event. "

Estela Riley, was pleased with the attendance of more than 70 referees and coaches at the seminar. "We are very happy because a seminar of this category is being held in our continent, in our country, and at this moment there are more than 70 international referees and coaches who are taking the seminar, I want to thank the President of the International Federation for this initiative. of Judo Mr. Marius Vizer and the President of the Panamerican Judo Confederation Manuel Larrañaga for the trust placed in us "expressed the former Olympic competitor for Panama at the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000.

To prepare for this season of events in our continent, which begin with the Open de Lima this March 9, this 3-day seminar (March 1,2 and 3) will greatly help the coaches and referees who could not attend the seminar of Mittersill Austria, will help you to know all the rules of judo that were literally peeled, dissected and explained so that everyone is on the same page and in the same sense about the regulation of judo.

The least we can say is that all participants of the seminar leave Panama strengthened in their convictions that judo is on the right track and with the knowledge that the professionals offered them.

Place: Panama

Assistance: More than 70 coaches and referees

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