Rafael Silva suffers a hand injury and is out of the Pan American Games Lima 2019
Thursday, June 13, 2019

The heavyweight of the Brazilian team injured the right hand during training at the University of Kokushikan, in Japan, on Monday, and will not have conditions to recover in time to dispute the Bread, which occurs in the period from August 8 to 11, in the Peruvian capital. Instead, the Brazilian Judo Confederation convened David Moura.

"The athlete Rafael Silva suffered a trauma in the right hand and the examinations showed a fracture in the fourth metacarpus, which will be evaluated and will go through complementary exams this Thursday with the medical team of the CBJ and the Vita Institute, after the evaluation, the athlete will be subjected to surgical treatment, "explains Dr. Mateus Saito, a doctor of the Brazilian judo team that will conduct the operation in the judoka.

The surgery, in accordance with the evaluation of the medical team, allows a faster rehabilitation and will allow Rafael Silva to recover in time to play the World Judo Championship, in Tokyo, the last before the Olympic Games. The heavy will fight only on the last day of competition, on August 31, which gives Rafael two and a half months to get his hand back.

In 2015, Baby went through a similar situation and also missed out on the Toronto Pan American Games due to a pectoral muscle injury on the eve of the event. David Moura also replaced him on that occasion and guaranteed gold for Brazil among the heavyweights. Currently, both are among the best judokas in the world in + 100kg, with David being the number 3 and Rafael the number 4 in the world ranking.

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