Israelis welcome to the Abu Dhabi Judo Grand Slam
Monday, September 03, 2018
Grand Slam

The International Judo Federation is pleased to announce that following the suspension of the Tunis Grand Prix and the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam, on September 2 2018, the UAE Judo Federation confirmed in an official letter sent to the IJF that all nations participating in the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam will have the possibility to do so in equal conditions.

 The historic decision will thus allow all nations to display their national insignia and national anthem, including Israel.

 The International Judo Federation salutes the efforts of the UAE Judo Federation as well as the fair-play and mutual friendship and respect shown by the UAE authorities, which represent a huge step forward in establishing and promoting peaceful relationships between all nations of the world. Together with our partners from the United Arab Emirates, IJF remains committed to the fight against any discrimination in sport and to using sport as a tool for reconciliation and promotion of peace and moral values in the world, inspiring the new generations.

Consequently, the International Judo Federation is hereby re-instating the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam to the IJF calendar. We thank all the stakeholders for their understanding and collaboration in the process.

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