New authorities of the Paraguayan Judo Federation
Tuesday, July 03, 2018

After multiple irregularities and administrative breaches committed by the last and only administration that had led the Paraguayan Judo Federation since its foundation in 1974, a group of people, coaches, former athletes, athletes, managers, parents and supporters of our sport, They decide to change the course of Paraguayan Judo. 

The international suspension of the FEPAJ for not fulfilling the payment of its membership for a period of 6 years, the absence of participation and results in sporting events, the absences of athletes and Judo programs, the cancellation of all types of aid or collaboration by part of the National Secretary of Sports since the end of 2016, in addition to the aforementioned serious irregularities, were the trigger to put an end to such a precarious and unnecessary situation.

However, achieving this mandatory change was not easy. All these people had to face procedures full of illegalities and intervention of people who from their respective positions of "power" tried to stop this change. 

But when the truth, the perseverance and sense of responsibility of people who are integral and different from those who use sport for their personal enrichment and convenience, they say enough, the purpose for which so much time and sacrifice was dedicated will always be achieved. 

In addition, the character and purpose of the Minister of Sport, Mr. Víctor Pecci, to make sport a means of development and well-being for Paraguayan society was a determining factor in this process. 

Today the Paraguayan Judo Federation, led by a young businessman , practitioner and lover of Judo, accompanied by a group of people equally committed to the development and welfare of Paraguayan Judo and begin to build a better future in order and respect New Board of Directors of the FEPAJ (2018-2021):

1 - Sergio A. Kanonnikoff Núñez


2 - Angel Giní Jara

Vice President

3 - Marcelino A. Amarilla Godoy

Secretary General

4 - Julio C. Fernández Valdés

Treasurer Cedula

5 - Juan A. Duarte Gómez

Vocal holder

6 - Zulma Galeano Feltes

Vocal holder

7 - Gianpaolo Ficorilli

Vocal substitute

8 - Park Sang Hyung

Vocal deputy

9 - Alfredo N. Sotelo Cogliolo

Technical Adviser

10 - Shinsaku Kawamura

Technical Adviser

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